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Just Kampers 45ltr 12v – 230v Compressor Fridge Cool box Back In Stock!


Back in stock!  The Just Kampers Electric Portable Fridge Freezer / Cool Box is good to -20 degrees below ambient temperature, the larger compartment can be used as a freezer or a fridge.



The smaller area is designed to be used as a cool box and is perfect for camping to keep your perishables such as salads, fruit, and also to keep drinks cool.

Featuring a built-in low voltage protection system and internal LED light this fridge freezer / cool box is perfect for camping trips. This product also doubles as a seat and a table and it’s significantly cheaper than comparable products on the market with a low power drain.

Powered either by 12V or 24V systems so can easily be powered by most cars, vans trucks and buses. Mains powered 100-240v when used with the supplied power adaptor.

It has a 3-level low voltage protection function with temperature display and combines two modes for eco power saving or high-speed cooling and is really simple to use via the built-in control panel which can be set to show either to Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Includes one metal basket.

Dimensions: 69cm x 34cm x 45cm (LxWxH).