Malpassi Fuel Pressure Regulators and Filters

Malpassi Fuel Pressure Regulators and Fuel Filters are now available at Just Kampers. Fitted as standard to many vehicles during the ’60s & 70’s such as Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, and Ford. Malpassi’s unique design and innovation are regarded as the go-to brand for Fuel Pressure Regulation and Filtration for carburettor applications in the marketplace today.


Malpassi Petrol King Pressure Regulator –

J43491 – £58.50

Malpassi 67mm Filter King Pressure Regulator  –

J43484 – £64.95

Malpassi 85mm Filter King Pressure Regulator –

J43490 – £76.45

Malpassi Filter King Mounting Bracket –

J43486 – £7.45

Replacement Malpassi Paper Elements :

67mm – J43485 – £4.85 –

85mm – J43492 – £8.70 –