Pretty Splitty

Pretty Splitty is run by Nottingham based, international selling artist Alice Kellett who creates original paintings featuring awesome camper vans often set within beautiful natural surroundings.

Alice also creates bespoke pieces of artwork featuring clients’ VW Buses, offering a number of different styles to match a range of budgets. Beauty, nature and freedom are the major themes of her work; with her weekend trips into the countryside inspiring the sceneries for her paintings. Her work aims to evoke the feeling of adventure; to provide a reminder to the viewer that the possibilities are endless; all you need is a little imagination. Alice is a VW fanatic who initially fell in love with campervans on family holidays to Cornwall as a child. In 2016 she turned her passion into her job by following her dreams and becoming a full time artist, leaving behind a career as a teacher. She hasn’t looked back since and has gained a significant online following and become well known within the VW community.

Alice drives a 1984 T25 Hightop which doubles up as her art studio when she’s not out on the road. Her latest project is a children’s picture book featuring a campervan keyring who embarks on an exciting adventure. The book is available to purchase on her website www.prettysplitty.com and you can follow her daily updates and see behind the scenes photos and videos at www.facebookcom/prettysplitty and www.instagram.com/prettysplitty