Instant Garage


Got a drive, but no garage? Here’s a possible solution. New from Just Kampers, Heavy Duty Instant garage. Perfect for your Winter restoration.

New at Just Kampers, superb heavy-duty, durable instant garages. Perfect if you don’t have access to a garage and need to protect or work on your pride and joy. Easy to set up and suitable for both temporary and permanent use. Available in different lengths and widths to suit a wide range of vehicles.

Heavy-Duty Advanced Fabric – Triple-layer, waterproof, extra-tough woven polyethene
Quality ratchet & web strap components
Heavy-Duty Powder Coated Steel Tubing
Simple Push-Fit Connections
Cross Rails For Continuous Cover Tightening

RRP – Small – Coming Soon!

RRP – Medium – £346.80

RRP – Large – £418.80

Small Heavy Duty Instant Garage – Part No. – Coming Soon

Medium Heavy Duty Instant Garage – Part No. J45619 : https://www.justkampers.com/heavy-duty-instant-garage-dark-green-6-1-x-3-x-2-4m-medium.html

Large Heavy Duty Instant Garage – Part No. J45620 : https://www.justkampers.com/heavy-duty-instant-garage-dark-green-6-1-x-3-7-x-2-5m-large.html