Pertronix Ignitor 1 Ignition System Kits


There are a few classic components on an air-cooled Volkswagen that are regular failure points, and even the most devout of dub fanatics would struggle to argue a case for keeping them in place.



Ignition Points, whilst very basic technology and simple to service when you know how, tend to adjust themselves and this leads to misfires and other running problems.

By removing this low-tech moving part and replacing it with an electronic microswitch discretely mounted inside your distributor, your engine will perform and respond at a far more constant level. Couple this upgrade with a decent set of 7mm silicone leads and a coil that produces 40,000 volts and you can bring your ignition system at least into the latter part of the 20th century, if not completely up to date!

Heritage Parts Centre handily sell a kit which contains a new Pertronix Flamethrower coil, a set of 7mm Pertronix Flamethrower leads and their Pertronix Ignitor 1 ignition system. This system will do away with the troublesome points and condenser combo and have you driving worry free for many miles to come.

To get all up to date with your aircooled ignition system click onto HeritagePartsCentre.com and search for AC998148 for vacuum advance distributors and AC998149 for the popular 009 version. Both are priced at £193.96 and include free UK delivery. Alternatively, if that is a bit modern for you, pick up your receiver and ask to be connected to 01243 444000 and one of their Sales Team will gladly assist with your purchase.