Geek Shack At Just Kampers

We have a product page for The Geek Shack. Useful if you need any more information on their range of products: https://www.justkampers.com/products/the-geek-shack/

New at Just Kampers, The Geek Shack has developed some gadget-friendly products for Classic VW’s, without compromising the look or modifying the vehicle!

New Products

The Geek Shack Stealth USB Charger For T2 Split, T2 Bay and Beetle

The stealth USB charger is a really neat piece of kit. Easy to install with no need to drill any holes in your dashboard, fits into the dash vent for T2 Splits using the speaker mount holes or using the ashtray for T2 Bay Windows and Beetles. Can be used with 6 or 12 volt systems the double charger has a standard 1.8A (3A Max) current.

RRP £42.99

T2 Split 1955-1967 – Part No. J44426 – https://www.justkampers.com/stealth-usb-charger-vw-t2-split-1955-1967.html

T2 Bay 1967-1979 – J44427 – https://www.justkampers.com/stealth-usb-charger-vw-t2-bay-1967-1979.html

T1 Beetle 1958-1967 – J44428 – https://www.justkampers.com/stealth-usb-charger-vw-beetle-1958-1967.html

The Geek Shack Wireless Horn For T2 Split

If you have modified or converted your steering to a steering rack you probably have a solid steering column so can no longer use the standard horn. This simple to fit blue tooth horn is the solution this allows the use of the standard style steering wheel without the need of the centre earth wire.

RRP £96.00

T2 Split Wireless Horn For Standard Wheel 1950-1957 – Part No. J44430 – https://www.justkampers.com/wireless-horn-for-standard-wheel-vw-t2-split-1950-1957.html

T2 Split Wireless Horn For MCJ Wheel 1950-1957 – Part No. J44431 – https://www.justkampers.com/wireless-horn-for-mcj-wheel-vw-t2-split-1950-1957.html