VW Type 25 Front Wheel Arches


A particular favourite place for the Type 25 to rust is around the front wheel arches. It's no
surprise really; scuffed by drivers and passengers above and a haven for road salt and stone
chips underneath.

Some owners will get lucky and find a bus or van that has survived with just a few scratches, but for most of us, there’ll be plenty of crispy metal to tackle.

Help is on hand though, with these great quality complete front wheel arches from Heritage Parts Centre. Supplied in silver weld through primer they are beautifully pressed and ready to fit. When it comes to cost they represent fantastic value for money, at £72.50 per side.

To order, point your browser towards HeritagePartsCentre.com or alternatively holla down
the horn on 01273 444000 quoting part number 251-809-243/BT for the left and 251-809-
244/BT for the right.