VW Beetle Rear Brake Overhaul Kit


Stopping is an essential part of any journey. It’s all well and good to have hundreds of horsepower, but if you need to rely on a wall or another vehicle to slow down, your driving experience won’t last very long.

The lovely folk at Heritage Parts Centre have been in touch to tell us about their Extra Value Rear Braking Kit for vehicles made from 1967, good news for anyone hoping to bring their 4 stud Beetle or Karmann Ghia to a halt.

What’s inside the box? Well, as you might expect a pair of 4/130 brake drums, brake shoes, wheel cylinders and both adjusting stars and screws – perfect for a few sunny hours tinkering outside, or an evening’s work in the garage if you prefer.

Not got a Beetle? Don’t worry, Heritage offer similar kits for owners of Splits and Bay Window buses too, so you too can believe in your brakes once more.

To order simply jump online at heritagepartscentre.com and search for part number 113-698-600/B alternatively give their team a call on +44 1273
444000 and be ready with £112.95 in used bank notes!