Ceramic Coated Mega Cannon Exhaust System


You may have built the coolest Beach Buggy ever, but if you are piping spent gasses out the back with a rusty old pea shooter your street cred will be in tatters.

Your topless wonder deserves to sing the sweetest of songs, and these Ceramic Coated Mega Cannons will certainly harvest some stunning harmonies from an exposed Flat Four.

Manufactured by EMPI and offered for sale by Heritage Parts Centre you’ll be in for an aural sensation with these bad boys bolted up. You’ll be pleased to hear they will clear the majority of twin carb set ups, with the exception of 34ICTs and are supplied with removable baffles for full ASBO-mode.

Ceramic coating offers high impact protection and a virtually impenetrable barrier to corrosion. Not only that, but it lowers operating temperatures which helps get all the horses out when you stamp on the loud pedal.

Roll on over to HeritagePartsCentre.com with £339.95 in your back pocket and search for part number AC2513709C. Alternatively pick up the blower and give them a call – 01273 444000 and their team will happily handle your order in person.