Sussex VW Owners Club

Brief club history – the club was formed in 1986 by a small group of Volkswagen enthusiasts on the south east coast of England. They met regularly to chat about their cars, offer advice and help. As more people started to join in, they decided to arrange monthly meetings.
Today, although the club has evolved, it’s still based on the principle of enthusiasts getting together, but now we’re based on facebook so there are no membership fees to pay. Many members are owners of a varied selection of Volkswagens. We have air-cooled as well as water-cooled models, older as well as brand new models, vans as well as cars. There is always someone with an ongoing, never ending project and always somebody available to offer help and advice. You don’t have to own a VW to join, just an interest in any of the models.
Club nights – for convenience we have two meeting points in Sussex. Some members choose only to go to their local meeting evenings, others go to both. Please note that very occasionally we don’t meet at the places shown above. Keep any eye on facebook for info on meets and any changes to venues and dates. Of course you don’t have to attend meeting nights at all but it’s nice to meet up and chat, particularly if there’s something happening.
~ For the East – normally held on the second Wednesday in the month, but temporarily suspend till we find a veue and someone willing to host it.
~ For the West we have The Red Lion, London Road, Ashington, Pulborough, RH20 3DD. Which we nominally meet up on the last Wednesday in the month.
What we get up to – We’re a social bunch, who like getting to together for a chat. Facebook now gives us the freedom to organise events and evenings at short notice. If you have an idea for a get together or an event, just put a post up and you’re sure to get replies… In the past we’ve held competitions, barbecues, games & food evenings, treasure hunts, maintenance demonstrations, walks & cycle rides, cruises and camps. We’ve also arranged camping trips abroad with great success.

We go to many of the VW shows around the country, often travelling in a convoy of vehicles. Good fun if you’ve never tried it! 

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